Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Intel at Work

I love the people that argure that the Liberals are down and out, and don’t really have to be worried about for a while yet. To go from a slim majority government down to 100 seats, only a loss of about 60 seats, is not the sign of a dead party, thats the sign of a responsable electorate. Only twice in Canada’s history has their been a “dead party” - and both times they were conservitives. The first was back in 1935 when they lost to King and didn’t get back in until 1957 (after, I might add, they merged with another party to become the “Prgressive Conservitive Party”). The second was in 1993 when they went from a majority government to 2 seats, and didn’t get back in until they also merged with another party. So don’t say that the liberals are “out of it”. Once they actually get a coherent leader thats capable of running the party, they’ll actually become a good oposition. Then We’ll see what the polls have to say.

Oh and to all of you calling Ontario a socialist province. Get you definitions stright, they are liberal and progressive. But those two things do not mean socialist. If they were socialist there would be no low income housing problems, no tuition fees and no healthcare crisis. So get you definations stright when you use a loaded term like that. And don’t insult us socialists by calling Ontario one.


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