Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update from the City

Well here I an in the city now, and it looks like I might be here for quite a bit as I managed to find a place to sublet for at least a month or so. It's not the best of places, rather small and funky, but it would suit me just fine until I can find a job and a better place. So far other then this fact my trip here has been relitively uneventful, I've just been crashing with a friend of the family and havent really gotten out to do all that much except wander around the city and get my barrings a bit.
Yesterday I managed to figure out the bus system so I could get out to Isabelle on the outskirts, and I managed to have a long talk with her which I always enjoy as she seems to always know what to say and the way to say them so that it sticks in my mind. For those of you wondering, no we didn't talk about "us" or about anything around that topic. I purposly avoided it because the timeing was horrible as she had just had a wierd experience the night before (thats her story not mine, so I'll leave it at that). But aside from that topic it was a great chat, its nice to hear things from a friendly person, and it helps when you trust them absolutly as I do with her, and I hope I get to see and talk to her quite a bit more through next month. As far as any of my other friends in the city, I havent really been able to get ahold of them, and one of the ones I was looking forward to seeing, Heather, is out of here for the week, so I dont' get to see her.
Now I think my minds going to be preoccupied with worry and stress about comming back here in a few weeks to stay in a sketchy part of town (although it really isn't all that bad, it only is when you have never lived in a city before). But all I gotta do to survive that is just take some advice, be open and not be afraid to seek help from my friends that live here. Although that is a loaded sentence, I think I'll manage pretty well, or in short of that, at least I should survive.


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