Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 19, 2006

Well this is it, tomorrow I figure out exactly what sort of job I’m going to have for the next little bit anyway. After that I have to start looking for a better one, or at least another one because I know that this one is not going to give me enough hours to survive in the city. Oh well, it’ll be fun, I guess it’s to be an adventure for me, even though I don’t really like adventures all that much, unless it’s something I like or with someone I like.
Oh well, now I just get to sit here and watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, and cheer on Edmonton. It’s about time that was back in Canada.

Anyway today has been a rollercoaster day for me, up and down, time and time again. I figured out earlier what I need to do and that’s write!! I have way too many ideas and theories to keep in my head and keep to myself. I need to get them out, especially seeing as so many of them appear to be so simple on the surface but maybe quite revolutionary if you get down into the depths of them. I’ve already outlined quite a few of my ideas on here, but I have yet to go into any real detail or depth. Oh well, at least I’m now in a city with a University, and more important a University Library. So now that I have a job, I’m going to have to find an apartment, hopefully one that I can afford. Oh, on that note I’m in the process of working on Julia to see if she wants to get an apartment with me as that would be the best, seeing as I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford a 1 bedroom or even a bachelor.


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