Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My adventures in the city (June 6)

Well this is it, alone again, and as always I’m depressed. I don’t know what to say other than the fact that while this is one of my favourite times, or it should be anyway, yet here I am sitting alone and depressed on a Sunday night wishing I was anything but. Oh, what should I have expected though?? Even though I’d like to think that I’ve changed, in reality I haven’t, at least not nearly enough. Oh well, tomorrow I gotta start looking for a job and than we’ll see if I’m able find a place and stick around this city.
Today I spent the afternoon with Heather, which was a fucken blast but just like it always was when I was hanging around with her at school I always get these bouts of depression after I go home. I think that the reason behind this is that I’m just lonely, I mean I’ve bitched about this before and I know I will again, but shit, I want a girlfriend!! I’m sick of this shit and I don’t know how to get one at all. Every time I see a couple either on TV or in reality it just makes me even more depressed and unhappy. I mean how do these guys get girls?? I will forever be trying to figure out this question no matter how long I live. I mean I was watching an episode of The Simpsons earlier, and all I could think of was “how the hell do guys talk to girls in that way?” Anyway I cannot concentrate enough to keep this rant up. I’ll get back to you on many of these issues in the future so keep in touch.


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